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Tian Jiu is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

Chinese herb pastes are applied to selected acupuncture points of the body to regulate the flow of “Qi” and blood circulation to strengthen the immune system.

The therapy is carried out twice a year on days when “Yang Qi” in summer and “Yin Qi” in winter are strongest to maximize the effects.

Tian Jiu has proven to have positive effects on illnesses and diseases which are likely to be affected by changes in weather and seasons, such as allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Patients who are having fever, serious high blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnancy are not suitable for receiving Tian Jiu therapy.

Tian Jiu in summer 2017 will be carried out on 12 and 22 July and 11 August, with a booster treatment on 21 August.

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